SINCE 1980

STANCOLAC S.A. is a Greek paints manufacturer that is actively producing paints and varnishes since 1980. Over the last 15 year we have been focused mainly on the production of the industrial coatings.

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Are facilities in Thessaloniki are covering more than 25000 m2, including high tech equipment, modern chemical department for quality control. In this way we ensure the stable and high quality production and we are in the position to offer high standard technical support. Moreover our company has large capacity warehouses and an extremely well organized sales network. Therefore we are able to offer fast and superior customer service.


Our raw materials are carefully selected and chosen after rigorous control and research. Our suppliers are only well known and recognized companies in the industry.



We have achieved a stable and long lasting relationship, for many years now, with some of the largest users of industrial coating systems in the industry. Some of them are: DEI, ELPE and the local government.


STANCOLAC has developed a successful exporting activity to the Balkan countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, F.Y.R.O.M., Serbia etc.), to Eastern European countries (Georgia, Ukraine and Kazahstan), to central Europe, Austria and to Cyprus.
The wide variety of products, their specifications and their high quality accompanied by our well organized sales network that aims to the fast response and client service, have contributed to the rising path of our company on those markets.