STANCOLAC decorative and insulating paints are manufactured to protect and decorate the internal and external wall and ceiling surfaces. They can be used in domestic and industrial buildings, together with the primers suggested to use on almost every surface, have been proven as an excellent choice for long term protection and decoration.

The ease of application, along with high quality and extended life time, make STANCOLAC decorative, insulating paints and primers an indispensable choice for professionals and home users. Professionals can take an advantage of the excellent quality at in order to offer supreme service to their customers, while having the benefit of our unsurpassed customer service and technical assistance. On the other hand household users can benefit from our easy to use products and our technical assistance regarding any applying assistance and product information they can have from our technical department.

Along with the STANCOLAC decorative products our company has an insulating series of products that are specially engineered in order to offer high class water proofing and sealing solutions, both for commercial and domestic houses. With a special design in order to withstand severe weather conditions our products have proved their competence in the Middle as well as in Northern countries and have become a first choice of professionals.


In addition to the many advantages over the competition our customer can benefit from the following:

  • High quality products, reasonably priced in order to match the modern market needs.
  • Low VOC products that contribute to the healthier environment inside or outside the painted spaces.
  • Almost infinite color selection through the STANCOLAC tinting system that is available on the market.
  • Big selection of different qualities that can match all the possible need and purposes that someone can imagine.
  • Easy to apply products that can be used by non professional users and achieve excellent results.
  • Extended durability that is offering long term solution both in commercial buildings and households.
  • Fast drying products that are lowering the time lost in between the painting.



While there are thousands of possible application possibilities where STANCOLAC insulating and decorative paints can be used there are some main categories where they are mostly applied.


  • Interior walls and ceilings.
  • Exterior walls and ceilings.
  • Domestic and Commercial/Industrial buildings with large decoration possibilities.
  • Child rooms and nurseries can benefit from the VOC free ECO products available in our catalogue.
  • Roof isolation and protection with a series of products available for this purpose.




The insulating and decorative paints series offered by STANCOLAC are specially developed in order to provide reliable, long-lasting solutions with the lowest possible environmental and health impact. Furthermore, our R&D department is constantly developing new products, with very low or zero VOC that can be ideally used in baby rooms and nurseries.



In addition to the already existing low or zero VOC products STANCOLAC is persistently developing new products that, not only comply with the existing EU directives, but are pushing the limits even further. Our R&D department is continuously eliminating materials and practices that can potentially be harmful for the environment and the human, thus ensuring that our products are always ahead of the regulations and protecting the environment and the human.