STANCOLAC  varnishing series has been developed in order to offer high protection of metal and wood surfaces while in the same time it is creating a high aesthetic result. They are suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces as it is presenting high durability and weather resistance. Their unique synthesis is allowing them to create a tough traditional finish with anti rust effect on the metallic surfaces.

The varnishes series are able to offer a wide variety of products in order to cover almost every need from hammer finish to high gloss luxury finish that can paint both wood and metal surfaces. In addition to that we have developed the necessary primers that will add the extra durability and protection to the surface as well as a product that can be painted directly to the surface providing a long lasting 3 in 1 protection (primer, anti corrosive and top coat). Water based products have been also added to our varnishes series in accordance to STANCOLAC sustainability policy, that is moving one step forward the protection of environment and health.



Since they were introduced STANCOLAC varnishing series of products have proved themselves as an excellent and reliable choice for thousands of professionals and household users. Some of the main benefits offered by our varnishes are the following:

  • High durability and high weather resistance with high resistance to yellowing.
  • Multiple colors to choose in the color card catalogues.
  • High coverage that implies fewer products needed for the same surface size.
  • Quick and easy application that enables almost anyone to use it safely and efficiently.
  • Anti rust capabilities that have been proved to significantly increase the life time of the surface.
  • High gloss and color retention.



While there are infinite possible applications of the products from the varnishing series, throughout the years a certain pattern has been created and there are some main uses where our products find their appliance.

  • Metal and wood surfaces, such as fence and doors are.
  • Any metal surface that need anti corrosive protection in order to be preserved.
  • Painting surfaces in order to create a hammer finish effect.
  • On surfaces that need a rough metal effect, such as fences and other metal parts.
  • On metals that need to appear smooth and with high gloss and elasticity.



STANCOLAC is continually investing in the development of products and practices that have lower impact on the environment and on the human. Beside the compliance to the VOC directives issued by the EU, the company has extensively invested in the research and development of new water based products and products with lower VOC.