STANCOLAC furniture varnishes have been specially engineered in order to offer high quality aesthetical result while in the same time they are capable of protecting the surface from scratches. Together with the traditional transparent varnishes, STANCOLAC is also offering colored polyurethane varnishes as well as acrylic and water based varnishes.

A long term cooperation with some of the biggest furniture producers on the Balkans have enabled us to produce only the best products, that are able to satisfy even the most demanding project and customer.



For many years now STANCOLAC furniture varnishes series has proved itself as a valuable partner for many furniture producing companies. Some of the main benefits that the series is offering to our customers are the following:

  • High durability while maintaining the original appearance.
  • Color maintaining and high resistance to yellowing.
  • Ease of application that enables professionals to work fast and thus produce more.
  • Satisfying the necessary aesthetic requirements such as gloss and transparency are.
  • High coverage due to the higher solids percentage.



STANCOLAC furniture range of products has been designed for professional with high standards and high capacity of production. Their superior quality and composition has proved as a valuable tool that is giving them the necessary competitive advantage to become or remain the leaders in the industry.



Constant improvements and a strict compliance to all the modern EU regulative has made our company and our products able to contribute in the best possible way to the local and global environment sustainability. Moreover our company is adopting and implementing new ideas and practices that allow us to lower the waste volume of our company.