STANCOLAC Industrial floor coatings have been developed in order to offer solutions for the protection of concrete surfaces in new or old buildings. By constantly working on developing new products that are able to offer a complete solution for professional or domestic use and at the same time be able to save money and time, our company has achieved high customer satisfaction and an excellent asset protection.

STANCOFLOOR industrial flooring systems have been proved to be an excellent solution for both old and new floors. In both cases our products have many benefits:


  • Cost effective in comparison to other solutions.
  • Time saving due to the fast application and long life time.
  • Excellent resistance to high traffic and tough/industrial environments.
  • Water based products that can be applied on higher humidity concrete.
  • Lower renovation time for old buildings.
  • Long lasting floor protection.
  • Low to none maintenance throughout the life cycle.
  • High flexibility due to the wide variety of colors it can be painted.


By working closely with our customers and assisting them from the very beginning of the project planning, STANCOFLOOR products have been entirely customer oriented. The process of educating and assisting our customers and finally getting the valuable feedback, has allowed us to increase our orientation towards the flexibility and functionality, while maintaining the high standards and low cost. Tailor-made products have been proven of a great assistance for our clients and have allowed them to save both money and time while realizing admirable projects throughout the world.


While STANCOFLOOR industrial floor coatings have been successfully applied to all kinds of buildings and constructions the main projects that our systems can be applied are the following:

  • Industrial Flooring of commercial and domestic buildings.
  • Garages and Car parks that need a clean and specialized solution.
  • Domestic building’s interior.
  • Modern decorative techniques that make use of industrial flooring.
  • Loading bays for factories and transport companies.
  • Cold rooms in food processing and producing industries. (Products specially certified for this purpose)


STANCOLAC is committed to developing products and systems with the lowest possible environmental impact while strictly complying with the EU regulation and policies. Moreover the company is constantly working and introducing new water based products that have lower VOC content and are protecting both the environment and the people who are applying them.