STANCOLAC industrial coating systems have been engineered in order to offer a reliable and dependable protection for the surfaces they are protecting. The long lasting experience and the innovative technology have made STANCOLAC a regional leader in the production of protective coatings. Our certified systems have made us a reliable supplier for many leading companied in the region and also allowed us to further expand our operations throughout the world.

The use of metal in industrial and domestic constructions over the year has created a need for protecting it from corrosion and thus ensuring the long lasting integrity of the construction. The high costs of maintenance and the risk of extensive erosion have created the need for an adequate protection of the metal surfaces. Products that are capable of offering a high corrosion resistance and great adhesion with low maintenance needs have been engineered in order to offer greater value for money coefficient and ultimately an increased life time of the protected surfaces.


The benefits that STANCOLAC protection systems are capable of offering are the following:

  • Great value for money due to the increased life time and higher performance.
  • Certificates for anticorrosive protection C1-C5 according to ISO 12944-6, independently tested by the greatest European Institutes.
  • Decoration together with protection due to the ability to include the metallic surfaces in the building interior.
  • Tailor-made products built on specific demands and matching the specific needs of the project.
  • Extensive in-house testing in order to meet the high industry standards and demands.


STANCOLAC is constantly investing in the certification of the protective industrial coatings systems in order to offer its customers all the necessary tools to compete on the global market. Most of our protective coatings are extensively tested and certified for their anticorrosive protection by the greatest certified European Institutes. Our systems are capable of offering anticorrosive protection C1-C5M according to ISO 12944-6 and are therefore capable of protecting the most demanding projects.

In combination with the T-500 intumescent coat STANCOLAC protective coatings are offering high class passive fire protection certified by an independent European Institute.


Industrial protective coatings have very large range of use. Most of the domestic and industrial buildings are in some need of metal anticorrosive protection. Therefore STANCOLAC systems are mainly used in the following fields:

  • Industrial buildings structures usually have an increased need for a certified anticorrosive protection.
  • Domestic building structures with a metal parts usually included in the structural parts.
  • Steel constructions, such as bridges, tall buildings and hangars.
  • Pipelines that are in a need of high class certified protection.
  • Chemical plants that are operating in high alkyd environments.
  • Large power plants with a specific demand for certified products.
  • Any kind of metallic structure or surface that can possibly be exposed to corrosion.


STANCOLAC steel protective systems are capable of covering a wide range of metal surfaces and offering a reliable and certified corrosive protection.


The increasing demand for lowering the environmental impact of the industrial product as well as the high ecologic sensitivity of the company has made us to develop new products that have less impact on the environment and the human.