STANCOLAC industrial top coats have been engineered with the purpose to offer anti corrosive protection for metallic surfaces (that have already been adequately prepared with anti corrosive primer). They present high resistance on time, yellowing and UV radiation, while they offer stable shades and resistance to UV radiation as well as mechanical resistance to washing.

Industrial top coats made by STANCOLAC, as part of our industrial coating systems, are a result of extensive trials and improvements and they are offering anti corrosive protection according to the world anti corrosion standard for environmental categories C1-C5. They can be used in many fields of application, even on non ferrous surfaces (copper, aluminum, galvanized steel) where because of the adhesion difficulties common primers cannot be used. Our primers have been extensively used in the domestic market as well as on the global market on many major projects and have been proven to offer a permanent solution for the protection of metal.