STANCOTHERM intumescent coatings' systems have been developed in order to provide high levels of passive fire protection to industrial and domestic structures that require fire protection certification. STANCOLAC certified systems have made it the leading company in the region and have given our clients the much needed competitive advantage to make business easier.

The value of the STANCOTHERM systems is that in case of fire its expansion is preventing the metal to reach critical temperatures for a certain period of time, thus allowing the timely evacuation and the preventive measures for further expansion to be undertaken. Respectively for other material such as wood and wall surfaces are protected in order to give the valuable time to the building residents and fire fighting units.


STANCOTHERM certified instumescent coatings' systems have been certified for their protection of metallic and wood surfaces while they have been engineered in order to be easy to apply on site and match with the architectural design need of the building.

STANCOTHERM intumescent coatings are offering high anticorrosive protection and the possibility to choose a system with a RAL color top coat allows for the designers to use it as a part of the building design, and avoid costly solutions in order to achieve better appearance.

STANCOLAC is the leading company in the region regarding the anticorrosive and intumescent protection and is in the position to allow its customer to benefit from the STANCOTHERM intumescent coatings systems in many different aspects:

  • Economic building fire certification.
  • High anticorrosive protection.
  • Water borne technology.
  • High aesthetic design top coat.
  • Life saving technology.
  • Property protection.


STANCOTHERM intumescent systems are engineered in order to offer more than just fire protective coating. Therefore the STANCOTHERM system has the following parts:

  • Anticorrosive epoxy primers.
  • Intumescent coatings.
  • Sealing top coat paints.

All three of the above mentioned make the STANCOTHERM fire protection system.


The STANCOTHERM wide range of intumescent coatings, cover most of the necessary surfaces that need fire protection:

  • Metallic surfaces that are the most important part of the building structure and can have many types of profiles.
  • Wood internal surfaces that might also need fire protection in order to avoid the creation of the hazardous gases that are created during the burning of the painted wood.
  • Wall and cement surfaces that are part of the building structure or evacuation paths and can prove to be life saving in the case of emergency.


STANCOLAC technical team is always willing to assist our customers starting from the very beginning of any project up until the application process and the certification, in order to assure that all the necessary safety and regulatory conditions are properly met and addressed.