STANCOLAC parquet series of products have been developed in order to offer a reliable solution for the protection of interior wooden floors. Both the water and the solvent based range of products are extensions to the STANCOLAC wood protection series, and have been engineered in order to offer high quality protection and endure an extensive daily usage, while enhancing the appearance of the wooden floors inside commercial and domestic buildings.

Driven by the growing need for a long lasting protection of wooden floor STANCOLAC has used its extensive knowledge about wood protection in order to develop a high quality range of products, capable to satisfy even the most demanding customer. Both solvent based and water based lines have become the first choice of professionals of the market.



The benefits from using STANCOLAC parquet systems are the following:

  • Superior quality and aesthetical result, which is the main reason that our products have been so successful and widely adopted by the professionals.
  • Great value for money due to high standards of our production and the consistent and frequent laboratory tests that we are performing.
  • Long lasting life time of the product that has proved itself highly durable over time.
  • Ease of application that makes it easy to be used by non professionals.
  • Small ecological and health impact, especially for the water based series.



STANCOLAC parquet series has been specifically developed for use on wooden surfaces and thus both, solvent based or water based series are mainly used for wooden parquet flooring protection.



In order to meet the growing need for healthier products STANCOLAC has developed the water based series that significantly lowers the impact both on human health and the environment.