STANCOLAC pool coatings are designed in order to enhance the appearance of the pool while in the same time they are offering superior protection and insulation. The high quality of our products combined with the large color selection secure a remarkable result both from the aspect of quality and appearance.

The expanding tourism sector in the Greece and generally in the Mediterranean has also created a larger need for pools and for their adequate protection. Recognizing the need for achieving admirable appearance, combined with high quality, our company has developed a wide range of products that are capable of protecting almost any type of surface, widening thus the options that a designer has in order to reach the best possible result.



Among the numerous benefits that STANCOLAC pool coatings are offering the main are the following:

  • Very large color availability.
  • Wide range of top coats, depending on the type of the surface and the desired result.
  • High quality standards that ensure a long lasting outcome.
  • Ease of application. Some of our products can be easily applied even by non professionals.


By ensuring that all of our pools coating systems are in compliance with all the domestic and EU directives, STANCOLAC has been able to further contribute to the protection of the human health and the environment. Furthermore special attention has been paid to the overall safety and quality of our products and their impact on the human and the environment.