STANCOLAC stone varnishes is a series specially developed in order to cover the need for decorating, protecting and enhancing the appearance of stone, brick, concrete of exterior and interior use. The stone varnish series has proven itself as an excellent solution for protecting surfaces in coastal or mountain areas.

The modern trends in home design have been relying more and more on natural materials and one of the most popular nowadays is stone. The need for an adequate long protection that will also contribute to the overall aesthetical result has expanded the need for products such as stone varnish series are.



There are many benefits that someone can have when protecting a material such as stone, brick or concrete are. Some of the most important are the following:

  • High quality long term protection.
  • Enhanced appearance that improves the overall aesthetics of the building.
  • Easily applied without a need from professional assistance.
  • High water proofing ability that increases the protection of the surface.
  • Creation of easily cleaned surfaces that preserve the initial appearance of the building.



Although the products of the stone varnish series can be used on many surfaces and projects, some of their main applications are the following:

  • Stone buildings or stone constructions that need a strong protection from weather and moisture.
  • Brick walls that will be exposed to external conditions.
  • Concrete surfaces, which are mainly used in the modern industrial design of homes and buildings.
  • Rocks or stone surfaces that need a protection from moisture or water.


In addition to implementing the necessary national and European standards in our production, our company is constantly working on improving our products in order to lower even further the impact of our company and our products on the environment.