STANCOLAC paint thinners have been produced in order to maintain the high levels of our products and ultimately contribute to the overall performance of our coatings. The lack of recycled raw material is contributing to the steady and high quality performance of our thinners and is making an ideal choice for professionals who are giving an accent to quality results.

The increase in the quality coatings demand and the increased competition has also created a larger demand for higher quality thinners. By addressing this important aspect of the process we have managed to combine top quality and user satisfaction creating a long term trust relationship with the professionals who have been choosing our systems during the last decades.


Among the numerous benefits that STANCOLAC thinners are offering the main are the following:

  • High quality of raw materials.
  • Wide range of thinners to chose for each specific use and conditions.
  • High quality standards that ensure a long lasting outcome.
  • Low environmental impact due to the lack of recycled raw materials.


By ensuring that all of thinners are in compliance with all the domestic and EU directives, STANCOLAC has been able to further contribute to the protection of the human health and the environment. Furthermore special attention has been paid to the overall safety and quality of our products and their impact on the human and the environment.