The Wood protection products have been specially engineered in order to provide the highest possible protection on interior or exterior wood surfaces. Wooden surfaces have different needs originating from the many different factors that affect them in the environment. Driven by the growing need for higher wood protection on the global market, STANCOLAC has extensively invested in the creation of products that can protect the wood even in the most demanding conditions that it can be exposed.

When the wood is exposed to the environment, water, humidity, UV radiation, insects and others are the most common factors that contribute to the loss of the natural look and its fine appearance. The higher the amount of the exposure to these factors, the lower is the life time of the protection and the wood itself. The STANCOLAC wood protection series is a result of our long term commitment to develop products that will resist these factors and increase the wood life time, while in the same time they will be offering smooth and fine appearance.

In addition to the already wide range of wood protection products STANCOLAC has developed an Intumescent, two-component, water borne wood varnish that has been certified with respect to its intumescent properties.


The very difficult climate of the sea side as well as the northern cold climates where our products have been extensively used, demonstrated their quality and their endurance to rough weather conditions. Among the many benefits that both professionals and home users can find in our wood protection series the most important are the following:

  • Increased life time of the wood protection.
  • High UV protection on some of the products.
  • Larger wood treatment intervals.
  • High levels of water proofing.
  • Multiple shades to choose from that, allowing fine color adjustment of the surface.
  • Fire protection backed by all the necessary certificates.


The applications where wood protection is necessary are almost infinite. The growing use of wood, either as decoration or as a material that offers natural feeling has increased the global need for adequate protection and enrichment of this material. Some of the main applications where our wood protection products can be used are the following:

  • Interior and exterior preservation and protection of wood surfaces.
  • Where strong UV and stable coloring is needed for long time periods.
  • In environments with tough weather conditions and sea water, and generally in aggressive environments.
  • For any types of wood either next to swimming pools or in other home surrounding areas.
  • In occasions and project where fire protection of the wood is necessary and of a great importance.
  • In lumber yards where the protection of the wood before processing is a necessity.
  • Also in occasions where great strength and stability of the protection coat is important.



Never before has it been of such a great importance to ensure the long life cycle of the wood and its natural and enhanced appearance. By contributing to the increased life time of the wood surfaces in the commercial and domestic constructions, we believe that we are indirectly contributing to the preservation of the forests around the world. The focus of our development, regarding the wood protection systems is to ultimately achieve long lasting and beautiful appearing wood surfaces that will satisfy our customers and contribute to the well being of our population. In that direction we have also invested many resources and time in order to develop water based products that will provide a healthier surrounding to everyone in contact with the wood protected by our products.