STANCOLAC has proved its commitment to offer solutions to its customers by constantly investing in the development of new certified products, as well as the improvement of the existing one. Therefore R&D is playing a crucial part in the company structure and its way of doing business.



STANCOLAC R&D department has played a key role in the company’s effort to stay ahead of the competition and offer our customers more than just competitive solutions and environmentally safe products that can make them more competitive on the market as well. This has made our company to create a wide range of certified products and systems and be the leading Greek company in the sector of Industrial coatings systems.


A constant interaction with our customers and our onsite presence has enabled our company to better understand the gaps in the industry and develop differentiated products and solutions that placed our product users ahead of the competition and increased their productivity and expertise.
The R&D department of STANCOLAC has been constantly focused on:
• Developing tailor made systems.
• Understanding customer needs.
• Offering high quality technical support.
• Striving to develop environmental friendly products.
• Passing the knowledge to our customers.



Working on pooling of knowledge and together with our value driven policy, our R&D department has achieved to use collective knowledge in assisting our clients and give them the needed competitive advantage to successfully complete even the most demanding tasks and projects.