The year 2015 is a milestone for our company, as we are celebrating 35 years since the family Fotiou created its first production unit for paints and varnishes in Thessaloniki. Together with the company a vision for the creation of a multinational company was born too.
Following these steps STANCOLAC S.A. is constantly growing, having become a leader in the production of industrial coatings, varnishes, marine coatings and decorative paints.
Our company is characterized by creativity, reliability, flexibility, adaptability, constant improvement of our services and evaluation of the existing, implementation of modern technologies and excellent client service. The qualities and the values of our company personality are those that inspired the renewal of our company profile.
Our new logo is a combination of our name and our symbol the turtle. For us the turtle is reflecting the importance of stability, especially in our demanding modern age, as well as the nonnegotiable consistency in the in offering excellent services. Finally it projects our basic value that with stable and slow steps we are creating a long lasting and stable future.
Drawing inspiration for the tradition of our founder and the values on which he based the successful path of our company, we continue our efforts adapting constantly our structures and our actions to the modern industry advances.
We are confident that you will embrace our new logo and our new company profile with the same recognition and respect that you have shown to us until today. From our side we assure you and we commit that we will not stop to evolve and to search new means to offer you higher quality of service.
In STANCOLAC your needs are our first priority.