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Our talented people undoubtedly remain the profound secret of our remarkable success. Every day at STANCOLAC we efficiently produce innovative, high-quality products, by building trust with our satisfied customers & by acting with social responsibility to properly promote a sustainable future for all of us. Passionately committed to this established goal typically remain our longtime employees, who have progressively become valuable members of the STANCOLAC family with fierce passion & passionate loyalty to the company‘s fundamental values.

Principles Of Ours

Dream bigly & vividly

Then, step by step, achieve the goals you set.


What makes a team great is its distinguished members & how they cooperate with each other.​


Focus on moving forward, improving & delivering innovative ideas & creative solutions.

Enjoy your job

Passion is the heart of our company & the key to our success.​

Offer your help

Every single problem affects us all.

We are all important

The importance of every unique job is equal.​

To every problem there is a solution

So, don't panic. Just make a plan.

Seek to discover something new

Whatever it is, whenever it is.

With their moral integrity & ethical responsibility, our talented people contributed greatly to sufficiently establish the leading position of the company in the domestic & international markets. Currently, we are more innovative & active than ever & we are working collectively to properly promote our premium products, establishing STANCOLAC as one of the major Greek exporting protective coating companies. Our executive team is constantly increasing with experienced professionals, without racial discrimination & social exclusions.

Our Teams

careers stancolac administration department

Administration Department

The efficient performance of all departments is of utmost importance in a company. This is the operational mission of the department. To divinely inspire the productive workforce & sufficiently motivate them to achieve precisely our goals. Administration managers ensure all activities run smoothly & efficiently. The primary goals are to properly direct, control & adequately supervise the support services of our company to facilitate economic success.

careers stancolac finance department

Finance Department

Our skilled financial experts are here to sufficiently cover an extensive range of necessary actions from essential bookkeeping to providing information to assisting executive managers in properly obtaining strategic decisions. The finance department can frequently contribute an objective perspective based on special financial assessment techniques.

careers stancolac chemistry department

R & D Department

This is an integral part of our innovation strategy. This is what adequately maintains the company in such excellent levels of competitivity on the established market, through the unique way in which our experienced executive R&D principal office visualizes, sustainable designs, extensive tests & universally approves a broad range of paints & coatings. It is also focused on constantly improving the unique quality of our innovative products.

careers stancolac production department

Production Department

Our production department is the key to ensuring superior quality. The primary role is efficiently converting raw materials into finished paints & coatings. The specific department proactively works to improve sufficiently the productive efficiency so that it can ensure finished products offer to our loyal consumers and partners top quality and value.

careers stancolac sales department

Sales Department

The sales department traditionally represents the direct link between our premium products & the end customers. In our company, both exports and domestic sales teams are crucial to our potential success. Through relationship-building & keeping customers happy philosophy, the specific departments respectively become two of the most critical sectors of our company for sustainable growth.

careers stancolac I.T. department


The IT Department's established mission is to adequately provide the key infrastructure for automations and effective governance for the proper use of the local network & operating systems. Our experienced IT professionals are responsible for the distinctive architecture, appropriate hardware, specialized software, and networking of local computers in the company.

careers stancolac marketing department

Marketing Department

An iconic brand is a proportional representation of the genuine feelings that the unique products adequately demonstrate. The mission is to efficiently create iconic images, social messages & creative ideas, that best communicate the brand values. Advertising, social media marketing & graphic design are some of the necessary means by which the specific department properly handles the explicit image of our company. ​

careers stancolac technical department

Technical Department

In our company, operational safety comes first. Our Technical Department is the one that properly supervises the essential maintenance and efficient operation of all productive machinery, electrical & automation equipment, typically accumulating it up to company’s specific standards, to ensure the stable & efficient operation of the compatible equipment.

careers stancolac logistics department

Logistics Department

Logistics' key role is “getting the right thing in the right place at the right time.”Logistics management is that part of the supply chain which plans, implements & controls the efficient, effective forward & reverse flow & proper storage of our products, between the starting point of origin & the ultimate point of productive consumption, in order to achieve customers' operational requirements.



Getting all together so that the typical day properly begins with the most elevated mood and a decent cup of delicious coffee or cereal and organic tea!


Naturally lead our daily editorial meeting, where we typically go through the active calendar and talk about any corresponding programs we have planned on STANCOLAC.


Video meetings, phone calls, personalized emails, constructive discussions with dear colleagues, and the automated production line proactively working at maximum speed. This is the prime time of inspired creation.


It’s a proper time for a quick 30 minutes lunch, overtalking with beloved colleagues, and then go down to contact the rest of the creative team for our weekly half-hour meeting.


Back at my executive desk again. Right now it’s time to start cautiously working on something new. Entrepreneurial creativity is our official motto here at STANCOLAC.


Carefully verifying everything in my official calendar for tomorrow to be ready and off I go to enthusiastically pursue my colorful life. Buy STANCOLACsee you tomorrow!


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Your needs, our priority

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