Stancolac has been certified since 2004 according to ISO 9001/2000 Quality Management System, which certifies the company’s excellent operation, exemplary efficiency and constant improvement.

Duty of every worker is to ensure product quality. For this reason, all employees, according to their responsibilities shall be informed of the system, work and act in accordance with the established rules.

Following the developments Stancolac is offering its customers the entire range of new technologies and products, and the necessary technical support. The aim of the ongoing modernization and improvement, is to mak continuous investments in machinery and equipment, research and development expertise.

Based on the large variety and consistent quality of its products, Stancolac endeavors to provide:

Production of high quality products friendly to humans and the environment
Direct customer service

Our goal is to offer our customers products and services of exceptional quality

Key features of the Quality Management System.
– Fulfilling all legislative requirements
– Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of S.D.P
– The optimal management of resources