Our response to COVID-19

Since the beginning of the outbreak of COVID-19, the safety of our people has been our top priority and continues to be our main focus, while maintaining high-quality services for our clients.

In line with current measures issued by the National Public Health Organization our top concern is ensuring the health and safety of our employees and take all the appropriate safety measures.

Our plans include:

* Several process updates, from enhanced cleaning to social distancing measures.

* Distribution of personal protective gear, such as masks, gloves, and sanitizers for our employees.

* Disinfectant spraying and temperature checks across our operations.

Our key strategy is for the minimization of presence at the office and at clients’ premises to the greatest extent that is practically possible.

Our technology tools enabled us to continue serving our clients minimizing any disruption, using extended remote working for our employees.

Also, we have implemented strict rules for authorized access to our buildings and the use of common areas.

During these periods of isolation, our people were advised to monitor their health condition and seek medical consultation, or medical care, in line with EODY guidelines.

In addition, we have reviewed various scenarios with our crisis team and in preparation for possible cases and other types of impacts.

We are committed to providing clean, safe spaces in our offices through regular disinfection to all our premises, availability of hand sanitizers, and disinfectants distributed in all our offices.

Finally all this time we communicate with our suppliers and service partners to confirm that they have appropriate plans and arrangements in place to ensure the continuity of the supply of goods and services to our organization.

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