FIN (20%-40%-100%)

Polyurethane Top Coat, Ideal for Interior Wooden Surfaces

FIN (20%-40%-100%): Polyurethane, white top coat, ideal as final layer on indoor furniture surfaces, which have been treated with surfacer 401. It creates strong surface with high chemical and mechanical resistance. The use of alipahtic hardener provides excellent whiteness and yellowing resistance. Offered also in black shade.


15Kg (A:10Kg, B:5Kg), 6Kg (A:4Kg, B:2Kg), 1.5Kg (A:1Kg, B:0.500Kg)

Mixing Ratio

A:B – 2:1 per weight


10-15 % with thinner 1115 or 2540


Glossy (20%, 40%, 100%)

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